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A community of educators and practitioners
involving students in open source

Happenings in our Community

Updates to the TOS Page

The HFOSS team has been working to update the page. We’ve added a news feed and we’re working on updating the learning materials. If you have learning materials t...
— Heidi Ellis 2024-05-30 15:56:49

POSSE is Back!!!

I’m so excited! After an almost 3 year hiatus, POSSE is back! We will meet May 24 and 25 at Nassau Community College in Garden City, NY. We’re looking forward to adding more colleagues...
— Heidi Ellis 2022-04-14 23:58:30

FOSSY 2024 CFP announcement

FOSSY 2024 CFP and ticket sales are now open! Join us in Portland, OR on August 1-4th at Portland State University. This year our track selectio...

2024-05-23 17:50:46

FOSSY is back in Portland - August 1-4th at Portland State University

Exterior shot of Smith Memorial Student Union building at Portland State University Campus

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Join us at

Open Source AI Definition – Weekly update June 17

Busy? Catch up on the Open Source AI Definition here!
— Mia Lykou Lund 2024-06-17 16:52:03

Explaining the concept of Data information

This post clarifies how the draft Open Source AI Definition arrived at its current state, the design principles behind the Data information concept and the constraints (legal and technical) it oper...
— Stefano Maffulli 2024-06-14 13:53:28