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HFOSS Projects

There are many communities working on open source projects, including humanitarian. Many of these projects are based on platforms like GitHub or GitLab. There are also smaller platforms like SourceForge that host thousands of project, including some that are widely known.

For a fairly large list of humanitarian open source projects, see this page.

Free and Open Source Organizations

There are also quite a few organizations that play some other role in the open source world. These include:

There are also open source tools that can be applied to open source projects, including:


The following conferences have included papers or other types of presentations related to HFOSS education.

Academic Conferences

Most of these conferences focus on computing education but have included some coverage of HFOSS education.

  • IEEE Frontiers in Education
  • HICSS - broader Information Systems conference
  • International Conference on Open Source Systems
  • Tapia Conference
  • Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Technology
  • CCSC Northest

Industry Conferences

  • Open Source Summit
  • SCALE (Southern California Linux Exposition)
  • All Things Open