TOS and HFOSS History

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TOS History

The Start of it All:

TeachingOpenSource was set up in March 2009 to serve as a neutral collaboration point for everyone involved in TeachingOpenSource. The original goals included:

   Work on Open Source educational models, support and funding schemes, community relationships, and other issues.
   Advocate for the changes that are necessary to further the goal of TeachingOpenSource.

The initial collaboration points were a wiki, the Planet, and the TeachingOpenSource Mailing List; these had been extended with the #teachingopensource IRC channel and a monthly conference call. The TOS mailing list and #teachingopensource IRC channel are still actively used by the community.

And then there was POSSE (Professors’ Open Source Software Experience). POSSEs provide professional development for instructors interested in student participation in Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS). Read more about POSSEs.

Prior Efforts:

A number of previous initiatives have fed into the creation of TeachingOpenSource. In particular:

Brian Behlendorf, Karl Fogel, and others created the original mailing list and wiki. The original wiki page, which documented discussions which took place at OSCON 2008, has been archived on this site. Many thanks to Brian and Karl for transferring the domain.

A group of professors, students, and representatives from educational institutions, companies, and Open Source communities met at FSOSS 2008 for theTOS@FSOSS track. This led to the original versions of the some of the pages.