Coordinating Committee

From TeachingOpenSource

TeachingOpenSource is a member project of Software Freedom Conservancy. SFC is a non-profit organization that provides support for free and open source software projects, including infrastructure and legal support. Established in 2006, SFC had over 40 member projects as of October 2018.

The Coordinating Committee for TeachingOpenSource includes:

  • Greg Hislop – Drexel (hislop (at) drexel (dot) edu)
  • Heidi Ellis – Western New England University (ellis (at) wne (dot) edu)
  • Karl Wurst – Worcester State University (karl (dot) wurst (at) worcester (dot) edu)
  • Gina Likins – Red Hat, (glikins (at) redhat (dot) com)
  • Chris Murphy – Bryn Mawr College, (cmurphy1 (at) brynmawr (dot) edu)
  • Calvin Johnson - Google (johnsoncalvin (at) google (dot) com)

Former Members:

  • Cat Allman – Google (allman (at) google (dot) com)
  • Trishan de Lanerolle – The Linux Foundation, (tdelanerolle (at) linuxfoundation (dot) org)