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Categories are a basic organizing element for this wiki. Click on a category below to see a list of sub-categories and pages. For example, the category Courses has sub-categories for CS1, CS2, etc, and contains pages for actual courses involving HFOSS.

Set categories are usually plural and contain pages about members of the set; thus, Category:Courses contains pages for specific Courses. Topic categories are usually singular and contain pages related to the topic; thus, Category:Git contains pages related to Git.

General Guidelines

  • Every page should have one or more category tags (placed the bottom of the page).
    • The basic syntax is: [[Category:Name]]
    Examples: [[Category:Courses]] [[Category:Pathways]] [[Category:Projects]]
  • To link to a category, start the tag with a colon and add a link text: [[:Category:Name|Link]]
Examples: [[:Category:Courses|Courses]] [[:Category:Pathways|Pathways]] [[:Category:Projects|Projects]]