History: POSSE-V1 Raleigh (July 2009)



Airport Arrivals

For coordinating travel to the hotel:

  • … add your arrival time here …
  • Mel lands in RDU at 4:44pm on Sunday, American Airlines 2236. Has a rental car. (Sorry, this was the earliest a flight would get me out of SFO…)
  • Ian Weller is arriving at 11:18 pm on Delta flight 1762
  • David.Humphrey”>Dave Humphrey is arriving at 10:15 am Sunday on AC 7974

Ground Arrivals

  • Jadudm will arrive by ground; we have not yet decided if we will split the 10-hour drive into two days. (Google Map of route)
  • Christian Jacobsen is driving with Matt Jadud.
  • Chris Tyler will arrive by ground, but my family will be using the car, so I’ll need a lift between the hotel and RH if available.
  • Kent Palmer – will arrive by ground,
  • Paul Frields (speaker) is arriving mid-day on Thursday the 23rd, and leaving Friday afternoon the 24th.
  • Fardad Soleimanloo – will arrive by ground

Local Transportation in Raleigh

Name Have Transportation (Y if you have) Can transport (#) Need Transportation (Y if you need)
Chris Tyler N Y
Matt Jadud Y 2 N
Christian Jacobsen Y (same car as Matt Jadud) N
Kent Palmer Y 3 N
Mel Chua Y (rental) 4 N
Fardad Soleimanloo Y 3 N
David Humphrey N Y

Airport Departures

  • Ian Weller leaves, exhaustively happy, at 1:44 pm on Delta flight 1469 (which means I ought to be at RDU by noon Friday)


Greg is booking hotel rooms for everyone. You should have your reservation confirmation by e-mail.


Dietary restrictions, special needs? Please list them here.

  • Mel is allergic to morphine. Please do not cook with morphine. 😉
  • SamR is allergic to tree nuts (walnuts, filberts, etc.). However, he can safely eat peanuts and almonds.
  • Kent needs to avoid: Pork, Beef, Corn, Wheat, Dairy <Please do not try too hard to make meals coform to my dietary restrictions. I always bring some food with me -in case, there are only things I am not supposed to eat. I also bring medicine in case I mess up and eat something that I should not.>


Participant Survey received?
Cameron Seay, NC Central  
Megan Squire, Elon Y
Kent Palmer, Wingate Y
Matt Jadud, Allegheny Y
Christian Jacobsen, Transterpreter project Y
Fardad Soleimanloo, Seneca Y
Sam Rebelsky, Grinnell Y

Activity Schedule

Sunday, July 19th

Travellers will meet in the lobby of Candlewood Suites at 5pm.

Everyone will meet for dinner at Bentley’s, Cary, at 6:30pm.

Mornings: Monday, July 20th thru Friday, July 24th

We will meet at Red Hat’s Varsity III building, in the 5th floor lobby, between 8:30am and 9am. Call Greg’s cell (919-xxx-xxxx) when you arrive to be escorted to the POSSE room.

  • Address: 900 Main Campus Drive, Venture Center III 5th floor, Raleigh NC
  • Phone: (919) xxx-xxxx (gregdek’s cell)
  • Map: http://www.ncsu.edu/campus_map/centennial.htm (NOTE: Google Maps is wrong! Use Google to get you into the neighborhood, then use this NCSU map. Venture III is 753 on the NCSU map. Park in the Venture Parking Deck right behind the building.)

Dinner: Thursday, July 23rd

Everyone will meet for dinner at The Pit in Downtown Raleigh at 6:30pm.