History: POSSE-V1 – Doha (Jan 2010)

POSSE is a bootcamp sponsored by Red Hat designed to immerse computer science instructors in open source projects, with the commitment that each participating instructor bring their classes into open source project participation over the next school year.

Blog reflections

Individual writings by POSSE Doha participants reflecting on the event.

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There are a number of spaces where POSSE participants interact aside from the physical <location> location.

  • Wiki: this POSSE is using the TeachingOpenSource wiki space. Please feel free to edit any of these pages. If you’re creating new pages, please prefix the page title with Name of POSSE (for instance, POSSE APAC).
  • IRC: The channel on Freenode will be used for POSSE-specific IRC communication. Participants are encouraged to join the larger TeachingOpenSource community in the #teachingopensource as well.
  • Mailing list: Join the teaching open source mailing list for discussion and ongoing session notes.

Event information

Red Hat


January 10-14, 2010


Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar



  • Mel Chua, Red Hat
  • Sebastian Dziallas, Fedora Project & Olin College


  • Affan Syed
  • Saquib Razak
  • Citizen Ben
  • Bilal Zafar



This was the first deployment of the POSSE intensive curriculum. The syllabus as deployed is shown below. The intent was to deploy a first rough draft of the curriculum to get feedback for a fairly major revision later on, before its next deployment.

Theme: Topic Learning objectives Deliverable Resources
10:00-11:30 Introduction, culture, and communication.Quick round introducing our objectives for the day, introducing who’s here, then dive straight into learning IRC, wikis, and collaborative text editing.
  • Be able to start an IRC client and carry on a conversation in a channel
  • Have edited a wiki page
  • Have created and edited an etherpad document
Coming soon.
11:30-Noon Project introduction. An overview of the community and project you’ll be making your first contribution to this afternoon. Be able to describe your goals and timeline for the afternoon project. A document with notes from the Q&A session. To be added.
Noon-1pm Lunch Eat, relax, decompress, and plan ahead for the remainder of the day. None. We’ll get food for everyone.
1pm-3pm Your first open source contribution.
  • Make a publicly-visible contribution to an open source project.
  • Engage directly in a spontaneous interaction with a remote member of the open source community in order to get assistance with your contribution.
An agreed-upon commit to an open source project. In this case, we did an update to the Sugar on a Stick spin page. To be added by participants during class.
3pm-3:30pm What’s next? Future curricular models, resources, events, and networking and learning opportunities available.
  • Be able to sign up for the remaining modules in the POSSE program if desired
An etherpad document noting the future FOSS study plans of each member of the group, and an updated POSSE modules page if curriculum changes have been requested. We did this as individual followups instead.
3:30-4pm Reflection blogging
  • Given a major open source project, find its Planet.
  • Make a first blog post that gets aggregated to a major Planet.
See #Blog reflections. See POSSE blogs and Planet to see what others are writing.


Anyone is welcome to help organize and plan this POSSE.