POSSE 2017-11

Another successful POSSE was held November 16-18, 2017 at Red Hat headquarters in Raleigh. Twelve new faculty members joined three POSSE alums (Josh Dehlinger, Robert Duvall, Howard Francis), four facilitators (Darci Burdge, Clif Kussmaul, Greg Hislop, and Heidi Ellis) and Gina Likins (of Red Hat’s University Outreach team) to learn more about how to support student participation in Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS).

In addition, several other Red Hatters participated in or led portions of the workshop:

  • Tom Callaway, team lead for University Outreach, joined the group Thursday afternoon and presented an introduction to licensing that, as always, was insightful — and funny! (tl;dr takeaways: All software has a license. Check for the license. Comply with the license of any software you use (in any way). If you’re writing software, choose a license (preferably open source). When choosing an open source license, choose an existing license (don’t make one up).  If you’re curious and want to learn more, consider applying for the next POSSE!)
  • Greg Dekoenigsberg, Community Manager for Red Hat Ansible and one of the earliest promoters of student involvement in open source, joined us on Thursday, providing an excellent historical — and current — point of view on the intersection of open source in education and business.
  • Rounding out the Red Hat contributors was Bryan Behrenshousen, Red Hatter, writer and editor of the Open Organization book series, and member of the Opensource.com team, who spoke on his experience supporting student learning from FOSS. Bryan also shared the successes of — and future potential for — contributions to Opensource.com by both students and faculty members.

TeachingOpenSource runs a POSSE workshop roughly twice a year, so if this sounds interesting, join the TeachingOpenSource community to make sure you hear about the next one.


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