NSF Continues to Support Open Source Education

The National Science Foundation has awarded almost $2 million to thirteen researchers across 10 different organizations. The grant titled “Collaborative Research: OpenPace – Broadening Participation in Computing through Authentic, Collaborative Engagement with Computing for the Greater Good” builds on a foundation of four prior NSF grants for supporting open source for humanitarian purposes. The effort has as a goal to attract women and other underrepresented groups to computing professions via developing open source for social good. 

The project team includes:

  • Greg Hislop, Wes Shumar – Drexel University
  • Lori Postner, Darci Burdge – Nassau Community College
  • Heidi Ellis, Stoney Jackson – Western New England University
  • Grant Braught – Dickinson College
  • Karl Wurst – Worcester State University
  • Steven Huss-Lederman – Beloit College
  • Wes Turner – RPI (Rensselaer Center for Open Source)
  • Cam MacDonnell – MacEwan University
  • Clif Kussmaul – Green Mango Consulting
  • Allen Tucker – Non-Profit FOSS Institute

More publicity from Drexel and Western New England University.

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