New Resources

Several new resources have emerged recently that the TOS community may find helpful in getting students and others started participating in open source communities.

  • Marco Gerosa (POSSE alum), Georg Link, Gregorio Robles, Anita Sarma, Igor Steinmacher, Christoph Treude, Bianca Trinkenreich, Igor Wiese have updated the study on What motivates open source software contributors? One snippet of interest is that enjoying helping others (89%) and kinship (80%) rose in the rankings compared to surveys from the early 2000s.

  • Gustavo Pinto (POSSE alum) has written a book on Open Source Licensing 101 which provides a great introduction to open source licensing for students.

  • Red Hat has produced a checklist for assessing the health of an open source project. This could serve both as a way for instructors to assess projects and as a possible student assignment to evaluate an open source community.

  • Citizen Statistician has written an experience report on Open-source contribution as a student project. A brief step-by-step explanation of student involvement in updating an R package.


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