Textbook wiki2xml conversion sprint 20100326

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Where and when[edit]



You may or must have the following to participate in this sprint.

  • Linux system with latest Publican installed; Fedora works fine for this.
    • Building using Publican 1.6.0 which is available for Fedora 11, 12, and 13 Beta
  • Plain text editor for editing XML as plain ASCII text
    • Emacs, Vim, Kate, Gedit, etc.
  • Subversion (svn) installed to be able to do anonymous checkout of repository.
    • We may add committers as we go, but we'll likely use the patch method for most folks.
  • Ability to make a patch.
    • Read the textbook chapter Fixing the Code if you have any questions here.


  1. Use mw-render to pull down all pages for XML.
    Pulling from http://theopensourceway.org/wiki/User:Quaid/Textbook/ due to mw-render not recognizing the API path for teachingopnesource.org wiki.
  2. Use Publican to create a new empty book.
  3. Rename/move XML content from rendered chapters in to named Publican chapters.
  4. Tweak the chapter structures and the Publican XML files until it builds.
    • This is the raptor build that gives us a release for Monday in case all else fails.
    This is now a usable book by visually being similar to the wiki; inline retagging is important but not crucial for release.
    There may be other structures that need adjusting, such as admonitions and exercises; these may be crucial to a raptor build
  5. Fix block tagging throughout all files
    • Improve tag set breaks, indenting, and whitespace to make editing easier
    • Don't seek perfection on blocking and indenting, trust Emacs nxml-mode to identify when tag containers are broken
    • Fix preformatted text, may require a trip back to the original wiki.
  6. Fix inline tagging throughout all files
    • Examples: programlisting, emphasis, emphasis+strong
    • Fix blocking as proceeding when programlisting are fixed
  7. Provide content IDs that are Publican friendly - chapters and sections.
    • Chapter title "Chapter Title" becomes <section id="ch-Chapter_Title-">
    • Section title "Section Title" becomes <section id="sn-Chapter_Title-Section_Title">
  8. Make colophon
  9. Tweak branding to get a TOS brand instead of default Publican.

Log and notes[edit]

This is the log being generated continuously by meetbot, so you can catch up on the back discussion and see what links, actions, etc. are written down:


Other notes are kept in this section.