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See SIGCSE 2011/Workshop proposal


See /Panel proposal

Birds of a Feather

See /BOF Proposal

We'd like to have a BoF at SIGCSE for informal gatherings, random things we think of later, good food, good company... the usual.

When this section grows to be big enough to warrant its own wiki page, we'll branch one off; for now, see below.

Interested people

  • Mel Chua - shamelessly plugging POSSE, also see SIGCSE Remix, below.
  • Sebastian Dziallas - looking forward to helping out with SIGCSCE Remix and other things! :)

Things we could do

  • What if we handed out a Fedora Remix with SIGCSE/TOS/etc. documents, tools, etc. on it (and/or having a liveusb creation station) - not just TOS links, but also the SIGCSE schedule links and so forth so people are incented to try it during the conference itself? Would this be something that would be easier to get conference organizers to want to put into attendee bags - if we got Red Hat to pay for media production, and were able to brand things as SIGCSE?


  • Figure out how to get a flyer in every attendee's bag (mjadud)
  • Make a flyer (mchua)


  • 1600 whiteboard markers produced via inkhead (mchua, arriving at hotel on 3/2)
  • TOS info business cards (mchua, received)
  • POSSE postcards (mchua, probably not going to happen at this point) coverage


Lay of the land - what's SIGCSE, what's it like, and what are cool events (not just TOS ones) that people might be interested in? For instance, Max just pointed out IBM's "Can Students Really Develop Software Collaboratively?" session at

Needs an owner. Preferably someone who's been to SIGCSE before.


  • Matthias Felleisen - "TeachScheme!" Needs an owner. (Matt, this might be up your alley, it's on programming languages.)
  • Susan Landau - "A Computer Scientist Goes to Washington: How to be Effective in a World Where Facts are 10% of the Equation" Owner: Mel Chua
  • Luis Von Ahn, "Three Human Computation Projects" Needs an owner.


Which sessions would you like to see liveblogged? Schedule at



  • Mihaela Sabin: "A Neglected Pipeline? How Faculty Teach, Advise, and Mentor Transfer Students" birds of a feather Needs an owner.
  • Matt Jadud, Heidi Ellis, Greg Hislop, and Mel Chua: "Learning through Open Source Participation" panel Needs an owner.
  • Sebastian Dziallas, Heidi Ellis, and Mel Chua: "Teaching Open Source" birds of a feather Needs an owner. (Grant, you mentioned you'll be doing POSSESA followup here - do you want to cover this?)
  • Michael Rivera: "Designing Open Source Labs for Distance Education" birds of a feather Needs an owner.
  • Open source mobile development sessions at SIGCSE Owner: Grant Hearn

Are you presenting, and would like your session covered? Maybe you can swap with another presenter and each write articles about each others' sessions.



Faculty interviews: professors doing cool things with their classes + open source tell their stories. One article per prof (or group of collaborating profs.) I'd love to capture as many of these as possible (also also, excuses for networking!) - in terms of format, see for inspiration. Mel Chua has a sound recorder available for borrowing for folks who want to do their interviews in audio and then transcribe. Who should we talk with? (See for a list of presenters.) We can post some of these during the conference itself, and save a bunch for posting afterwards as follow-up in the next few months. has another interesting opportunity.

Coordinator: Matt Jadud - Contact Matt if you are interested in participating!


Consider the HFOSS symposium and keynotes (Trishan, Cat, folks from OSU, Stormy, Ralph - do you want some coverage here? What would you like to write?

Coordinator:Mihaela Sabin - Contact Mihaela if you are interested in participating!


  • Leslie Hawthorn
  • Ralph Morelli

Other ideas

  • post
  • them
  • here!


A week or so after SIGCSE ends, a metapost linking to and summarizing all the current SIGCSE posts to date, and any cool next-projects coming from it. Needs an owner. (This is an easy one for a remotee - if you wished you were coming to SIGCSE but can't make it this year, this would be a way to integrate yourself into the conference happenings from afar.)