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This is a stub page. We haven't really gotten started building it yet - it's still under construction. Please feel free to add things if you think you can improve the page, and ask questions on the teaching open source list if you have any - even saying "hey, I stumbled across this page and I'm not sure exactly what is going on" is helpful to us, because it means you've found something we should come back and take a look at.


This is what's on our plate between now and the next meeting.

  1. mchua make sure finances (payments, expenses, etc) are taken care of
    1. Mostly filed, waiting for everything to go through, and then one last round of paper receipts.
  2. mchua pass through blogs, notes, etc. from POSSE RIT and Worcester and update their respective POSSE wiki pages into being an archive
  3. mchua email each POSSE list wrt followup plans for individual professors
  4. mchua and lmacken kick off Fedora Community FAD planning at RIT (October?)
    1. lmacken is interested, as is decause; need hosting agreement first, target date.
  5. mchua inquire about Worcester hackfest planning (Sugar-based?)
    1. walterbender is interested, need host and target date.
  6. mchua summarize POSSE Worcester and RIT into an osdc/edu article
  7. mchua confirm visa, instructors for POSSE China
  8. mchua get applications, make attendees list for POSSE China, send out pre-POSSE account creation assignments
    1. Pinged POSSE China organizers, need confirmation.
  9. mchua to address with POSSE China organizers the question of language/translation
    1. Pinged POSSE China organizers, need confirmation.
  10. mchua check on POSSE Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa
  11. mchua start discussions on POSSE Pakistan and Dubai
  12. mchua and quaid reopen POSSE California discussion for Summer 2011
  13. mchua talk with jadudm, mizmo about POSSE Design in Summer 2011
  14. mchua publish draft calendar for Summer 2011 POSSE planning
  15. mchua and ianweller to design and prototype a registration system for POSSE next week
  16. mchua write a POSSE planning checklist for upcoming POSSEs to use
  17. JonathanD to get mchua in touch with friend with both China/US experience
    1. JonathanD is waiting for his friend to reply.
  18. mchua outline design thinking methodology she's putting the POSSE curriculum through
  19. mchua toss around the POSSE rocket pitch: read "Made To Stick" and apply it to the POSSE webpage
  20. mchua ask who's coming to FIE and get together a TOS dinner there, bring POSSE design to toss around
  21. mchua write an open blog post asking what that process is like
  22. mchua follow up thanking workshop attendees for their suggestions, asking if the patches were applied correctly, and if anyone is interested in a POSSE next summer :)
  23. mchua list and follow up with each individual POSSE alumni on what their plans are for the school year - make class/project pairings
  24. mchua think about what we should do with TOS funding
  25. mchua and Jeff_S talk about TOS hosting during OSCON-ish


With POSSEs ramping up for the summer, and multiple "the-future-of-POSSEs" conversations going on in the background, I think it's time to have regular POSSE meetings. The program's growing and maturing and we're learning a tremendous amount, so in the spirit of doing things The Open Source Way, we should be doing this program-building in an open forum. (from an email by Mel Chua, March 24, 2010)

Meeting date and location

Our meetings are Tuesdays at 19:00 GMT in #teachingopensource (irc.freenode.net). Meetings will go no longer than an hour. Logs will be published to the TOS list right after the meeting ends.


Every week

  • quick check-in on upcoming POSSEs
  • quick check-in on "this would make a cool POSSE" ideas (potential POSSEs)
  • taking any questions anyone has about POSSE in general

Upcoming meeting

Future discussion topics

  • generalizing the model to have non-RH funding sources
  • branching out into other disciplines such as technical writing and the liberal arts
  • how to better offer resources to POSSE alumni during the school year
  • a POSSE reunion at SIGCSE
  • how do we find out if POSSE is effective?
  • add your ideas here
  • next summer, require everyone to bring a thumbdrive; we'll use liveusbs and flash them sunday night.


Bid process

See POSSE bid process for how faculty groups can organize a POSSE hosting bid for their location.


See POSSE curriculum for the default template.


We want to constantly improve the POSSE program - and in order to improve something, you must be able to measure it. This section is for resources surrounding our discussions on how we can do that.


These are the current marketing materials we have for on-campus info sessions to faculty about attending POSSE. They need a lot of work.

Here's what we'd like to have by SIGCSE 2011, in priority order.

  • A standalone slide deck / video rocket pitch for POSSE
  • A 8.5x11" poster (which can be printed larger for a poster, or normal size for a flyer)
  • A revised POSSE front page
  • The slide deck and/or video in written-info-packet form
  • An system that takes 3 clicks or less to go from the POSSE page to a completed and submitted application.



Conferences we want to target for POSSE events.

  • FIE


  • Educause (contact: Nancy Hays, via Kara Schiltz, via Mel). Author guidelines at http://www.educause.edu/eq/contribute, audience is IT practitioners (rather than faculty). Alternate media (video, etc) welcomed if accessibility is taken into consideration. The no. 3 EQ goes live in late October/early November; no. 4 goes live in mid-December. Deadline for no. 3 articles to go through peer review is mid-August; for no. 4 aim for October 1.