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This page is for planning of POSSE APAC. If you would like to participate, please join our #Mailing list and introduce yourself - anyone is welcome and encouraged to participate, whether you're a student, an open source project community member, a lecturer, or just interested!

Mailing list

Our mailing list is at http://teachingopensource.org/mailman/listinfo/posse-apac.



We check in on action items and progress at our weekly meetings. Meetings are every week on Mondays at 09:00 UTC (5pm Singapore time, 5am EST) in the #teachingopensource-posse channel on irc.freenode.net.


Who owns what?

The overall event is owned by members of Red Hat APJ: (Alan Ho, Jasmine Ee, and Harish Pillay), with members of the Red Hat Community Architecture team (Mel Chua and Greg DeKoenigsberg) playing an advisory role. Within that...

  • Budgeting, logistics, and participant recruitment are owned by Alan Ho.
  • Liasoning with our hosts at Nanyang Poly is owned by Harish Pillay.
  • Marketing and PR are owned by Jasmine Ee.
  • Instructors, the curriculum, and the classroom experience are owned by Mel Chua, with local help from Harish Pillay.
  • Individual tasks are owned by individual people - see the list of action items below.

Current action items

Completed action items are on the talk page.

Task Owner Details Status Target Date
Search for instructors mchua, harish Once the curriculum is settled, start looking for instructors in the area who can help teach portions of it. We can bribe contributors with food. :) We could use instructors for all the things on the curriculum (see POSSE_APAC#Topic_Schedule) but particularly for: (0) building - setting up a development environment, using the build system (1) packaging - RPM creation and review, using koji/bodhi/etc (2) patching - code review (3) testing - bugzilla, debugging techniques. Harish has sent an email to potential local instructors, waiting on reply. 2009-10-05 (for an update; ongoing)
Finalize the budget aho Keep in mind that plane tickets from the US are approx: $1k USD round trip (I found $950 USD planefares; I think it's pretty safe to say it won't be over $1200 USD if we book next week) and that CommArch will be handling swag. 2009-10-05
Finalize accommodations aho 2009-10-05
Open registration aho Registration open Oct 05, close Nov 01, collect POSSE Pre-event Survey information and an agreement to the POSSE Pledge from all attendees before then Using Elluminate. 2009-10-14 (end-of-SGP Weds)
Send interested people to registration mchua A few APAC-area people have independently found out about the POSSE program and were asking (via the posse at teachingopensource dot org email address) whether there would be one in their area; point them towards registration for this one, once it is open. 2009-10-05
Email aho flight options mchua budget $1k-$1.2k, options are in case it's cheaper to fly in a day earlier + get an extra night in the dorms/hotel, or vice versa. 2009-12-07
Put up curriculum infrastructure mchua supporting materials + resources for teaching (except for VMs, which are part of logistics with aho) - for instance, getting up a bugzilla sandbox 2009-10-12
Email out minimum specs / what-to-install for lecturers mchua 2009-12-07

Older action items

These need to be put into the table format above.

  1. Clarify goals and expectations for the event.
    1. For the lecturers who will attend, in terms of...
      1. how they need to prepare
      2. what they'll be expecting to get out of it
      3. what they'll be expected to give back as a result (for instance, we had this summer's POSSE attendees all pledge to teach open source in at least one of their classes this school year)
    2. For the instructors who will be teaching, in terms of
      1. how they need to prepare
      2. what they'll be expecting to get out of it (
      3. what they'll be expected to do as a result
    3. And for the various groups organizing (at Red Hat and Nanyang Polytech), in terms of
      1. how we need to prepare
      2. what we'll be expecting to get out of it
      3. what we expect to do to follow up and make sure we continue to support open source education efforts in the region
  2. Division of responsibilities (currently tentative):
    1. RH APAC: Logistics, funding, marketing, PR, attendee recruitment
    2. RH CommArch: Instructor recruitment, curriculum, schedule, actual running-of-the-classrooms
  3. Open questions
    • Roster of participants (and institutional affiliations): who is coming? How do they register? What are the prerequisites we have set for attendance, and what pre-bootcamp materials or assignments do we need to send them?
    • Facilitators: see #Instructors and facilitators below. Who will be running the event? Who will be teaching?
    • What are the logistics of the event (housing, food, computers/power/connectivity infrastructure, space, transportation) and how will attendees be informed about them?
    • Press coverage: how will publicity and follow-up be coordinated?
    • What curriculum will we be going through? (We can reuse most if not all of the POSSE 2009 material.)


Instructors and facilitators

All instructors and facilitators will be expected to attend weekly POSSE planning meetings.

  • At least one person who has attended a previous POSSE, to act as an overall facilitator. Mel Chua and Greg DeKoenigsberg are both available and will need to be funded to attend the event.
  • Instructors from the academic community: 2-3 attending lecturers with an interest in planning should be identified as POSSE Teaching Instructors. POSSE Teaching Instructors will be leading the sessions on how to incorporate the skills attendees are learning into their curricula and institutions after the weeklong bootcamp. POSSE Teaching Instructors need to be active and experienced lecturers with at least 2 years of teaching experience in the field (in this case, computer science). Prior open source development experience is ideal, but not mandatory; instructors with no prior open source development experience will have to spend extra time outside of weekly planning meetings
  • Instructors from the open source community: Leaders from local open source communities should be identified as POSSE Open Source instructors. They need to be actively involved in contributing to an open source community and able to teach the skills for one or more of the curriculum units to a group of professional instructors. Involvement with academia is ideal, but not required.

Communications plan

Pre-Event POSSE APAC Announcement (Press Release)

  • 15 Sep Singapore
  • 17 Sep Korea
  • 29 Sep India
  • 7 Oct Australia
  • 8 Oct Malaysia

Key Points

  • With the success of Red Hat's POSSE (Professors' Open Source Summer Experience - we are however calling it Professional Open Source Software Experience in APJ) in the US, Red Hat will be bringing this program to the Asia Pacific / Japan region in November. This is the first program outside of the US. It will be customized to forge further collaboration between the RHA partners across the APJ region.
  • As an extension of the US POSSE program and a value-add to RHA partners in the Asia Pacific / Japan region, POSSE will create interactive opportunities for Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) to knowledge share with the possibility of regional exchange programs and lecturing opportunities.
  • Red Hat will be inviting lecturers from ASEAN, Greater China, India, Korea and Australia to attend this bootcamp. Target 40 pax. for 1st session. Moving forward, Red Hat is looking at organizing country-level POSSE programs to further reach out to more professors and lecturers. Target 60 institutions in APJ within 1st year.
  • The APJ POSSE program is part of Red Hat's OSCI initiative, a community-based collaboration model to accelerate innovation in Open Source technology, leading to better and more secure Open Source solutions that benefit businesses, governments and the community.


  • Arrange Media Interviews with Participants, event host (Nanyang Polytechnic) and Red Hat spokesperson(s)
  • Distribute Press Release (highlight the benefits and include participant quotes - localized for each region)
  • Invite Local Media to Observe a session (perhaps a sharing session between regions??)