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The event is over. All of these items can be considered done/deprecated - see POSSE Followup for what's happening now (followup for all POSSEs is being tracked on that page).

For more old TODOS, see POSSE 2009 Done.

Task Owner Details Status Target Date
Make sure communities are set up so professors can complete their contribution exercises ctyler For instance, ke4qqq pointed out that sponsorship for font packaging usually takes ~5wks and going through someone like nimnim for sponsorship as one would normally do is not going to scale. I think the biggest concern is the font packaging review, I'll either make a deal to expedite that, or change the exercise. Running with that. July 1
Catering Greg Breakfast and lunch will be covered every day. We will have two nice dinners; one on Sunday, one on Thursday. We will expense participants via perdiem for other evening meals. Nothing. Greg is getting started. POSSE 2009 Participants has a section for dietary needs, we should ask people to fill that out. July 15
Locate and procure necessary resources Greg We need stuff. Pens, paper, projectors. You know, stuff. Checklist farther down the page. July 15
Swag Mel We should get some. See #Swag, stuff is arriving / books are getting signed / left on this list for "make sure it all arrives" purposes. For the purposes of this week's meeting, done. July 1
Press plan Greg Figure out the press plan for this Working with Kara. June 15
POSSE week schedule/curriculum Chris & Dave Go through the weekly plan drafted at POSSE 2009 Planning (with comments on talkpage) and edit, figure out who owns what See plan at POSSE 2009 Planning and comments on talkpages for individual days and Talk:POSSE 2009 Planning - ctyler/humph working on this all Mon. July 1
Video Mel There will be filming. Tentative suggestions: short (10m) video interviews over lunch Weds, open to press Thurs late morning/lunch. Tell Mike and Colby any specific times we want filmed, confirm interview scheduling (same as press); they are set otherwise. July 1


We have several different kinds of guests for POSSE.

  • Sunday speaker: This is Greg DeKoenigsberg. His job on Sunday night is to get everyone completely fired up about why Open Source Is Completely Awesome And What You Are Doing Here Is Going To Change The World Hurrah!
  • Monday drop-ins: Guests that will be coming by over the course of the first day to chime in on discussions. These tend to be people who can provide a fairly high-level overview of the open source world. See POSSE 2009#Guests for a full list.
  • Thursday BBQ: Pragmatic, hyperconnected community contributors and leaders. By this point in time, profs should have a grounding in the projects they'll be working on, and will be able to benefit from and ask good questions of people working on the ground. See POSSE 2009#Guests for a full list.
  • Remote guests: These are people who can't make it in person, but who we'll be encouraging to keep in touch about POSSE and to potentially be available as a resource afterwards during the summer/school year. Get them to hang out on IRC .
    • Sebastian Dziallas
    • Ian Weller
    • Ian Daniher
    • Christoph Derndorfer
    • Jamie Boisture
    • The Olin OLPC chapter
    • Brian Jordan
    • The RIT Math4 class
    • This is a very partial list! There should be more people we can ask!
    • TOS community members
  • Red Hat CommArch folks who aren't around Raleigh at the time
    • Ditto for the Mozilla community
    • Ditto for other groups

Pre-event information package for participants


  • $4,000 -- Stipends for POSSE instructors
  • $2,500 -- Lodging (6 people x 5 nights = $85 per night per person)
  • $2,300 -- Red Hat travel and lodging (Mel Chua and Ian Weller)
  • $1,800 -- Lunch each day, and two dinners
  • $1,000 -- Travel for POSSE instructors
  • $400 -- Swag & miscellaneous

Total: $12,000

Resources Needed

  • Large whiteboard
  • 1-2 video projectors
  • Set of PC speakers or 3.5mm cable to connect to room audio, if applicable (for showing video)
  • Good chairs, boardroom-style layout
  • Laptop-friendly - power, physical security during breaks, good wireless LAN
  • "Physical Wiki" space - wall or window space where things can be left up for the week
  • Access to a printer
  • Supplies
    • Post-it notes in 5 colours
    • Whiteboard markers and eraser
    • Extension cords/power bars for laptops
    • Painter's tape
    • Large sheets of paper
    • 2 reams of letter-sized paper
  • Server
    • Ideally: PC capable of running one VM per student + 1 for speakers, so 9 total (8GB, quad-core?)
    • Static IP
  • Online -- set up in advance
    • Planet POSSE
    • POSSE Wiki
    • Mailing list
    • IRC channel on Freenode
      • Have registered #teachingopensource-posse but could use #redhat-posse instead (who are the #redhat* channels registered to?)
      • Populate with some external devs


mmcgrath has been asked for 9vms with the following:

  • yum groupinstall 'Development Tools' 'Development Libraries' 'GNOME Software Development'
  • yum install mercurial autoconf213 rpm-build rpmdevtools mock rpmlint # may be some overlap with above

Dave and Chris will add, during POSSE:

  • mozilla-central and comm-central checkouts -- need about 4G free space for this


Here is what we will be giving people.

  • F11 CDs
  • The Fedora Education SIG has offered to custom-design and produce a spin for our professors, so we can pre-load an environment for them and their students with useful development tools. We just need to find media to burn it on, the cost of which is trivial (we must have a dozen blank CD-Rs lying around Raleigh, right?)
  • Book, Producing Open Source Software: How to Run a Successful Free Software Project by Karl Fogel. O'Reilly has generously offered to donate us 10 copies, for 8 students + 2 instructors. We'll also be getting them signed. It will rock.
  • POSSE moocards - $20 for each pack of 100, so $200 total for 8 students + 2 instructors (1000 cards total). A cheaper option is 1000 identical POSSE business cards from a place like Vistaprint ($45).
  • Whiteboard markers with stickers on them saying "Have you put this on the wiki? <url-goes-here>" and the POSSE logo. Staples.com lists whiteboard markers for $15.29 for a dozen of one color. That's $61.16 for a dozen each of 4 colors (red, black, green, blue). Sticker quote from http://www.mavericklabel.com is below.
$318.8 for 500
Size/Shape: 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" Butt-cut Rectangle
Printed Using 4 color Process On: White Gloss Paper - permanent adhesive
Bleeds: No
Unwind Direction: On Roll
Core Size: 3"
Coating: Matte Laminate
Labels Are: Applied By Hand
Proof Option: Digital Proof

$74.38 for 500
Size/Shape: 3 1/2" x 7/16" [4 1/4"]
Material Printed On: EDP Perm
Ink Colors Used: Green 347
With the following features:
Barcode: None
Numbering: No
Proof: No
$164.70 - book
$200.00 - moocards
$061.16 - whiteboard markers
$074.38 - stickers (cheap option)
$500.24 + tax/shipping if book is not donated
$335.54 + tax/shipping if book is donated
$180.54 + tax/shipping if we use everyone-gets-one-design Vistaprint
                 instead of customized-to-you moocards.

Logo ideas

In text descriptions with accompanying slogan type things, since I haven't uploaded sketches yet. WARNING: TERRIBLE IDEAS FOLLOW! Mchua 17:52, 12 June 2009 (UTC)


Messages to send:

  • students: "Go take these courses"
  • .orgs: "Go hook up with these profs"
  • profs: "Go to a POSSE next year"
  • administrators: "Get your people to a POSSE or you'll be left in the dust"


Various other ideas jotted down: POSSE Jottings


What happens after July 24th? See POSSE Followup.