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Are you attending LinuxCon 2010 and interested in dropping by? Just add your name here!

Summit Participants

If you are planning to join us, please add your name below. If you'd rather not give your personal information, please send mail to Thanks!

Name Organization Comments
Oana S. Linux User and future classroom teacher
Algot Runeman MassCUE Linux User/Advocate, past classroom teacher and dist. tech coordinator
Isaac Dupree Linux User; open-source programmer; writing tutor. (possibly.)
Barbara Barry OLPC Dir of Learning, OLPC Foundation, OLPC Middle East; Edu in Emergencies, Learning Sciences

Summit Speakers

Can Open Source Save The World...?

Bryant Patten (NCOSE)

...or at least the part of it we call K-12 education? School budgets are tight, schools need to transform into 21st Century Learning Centers and no one is sure how this can happen. Except perhaps the FOSS community. This talk is targeted at FOSS project leaders and community members and will explain how our skills, knowledge and experience can be invaluable to educators in our home towns.

OGG Theora video

Open source improving education around the world

Ruth Suehle (Red Hat, Inc)

Education seems perpetually to be in a state of crisis. Underpaid teachers. Underperforming schools. Labyrinthine standards. Disinterested parents. Squabbling politicians. It seems as though everyone has their own answer, although usually it's difficult to get people even to agree on the right questions. At, we believe that open source methodologies have a lot to offer in the world, particularly through education. So we offer a forum for discussing how the open source way can be put into practice to improve the world of education: for teachers, children, parents, professors, administrators, and anyone who wants to learn or teach.

Slides PDF OGG Theora video

Being Present - a Beginners Guide to FLOSS Outreach in Education

Karlie Robinson (Webpath Technologies)

While somethings require luck and timing, nothing happens unless we make an effort to be present when people are gathering. In this presentation we'll cover techniques you can use while we discuss actual events. Answering the question... How did one seemingly random meeting result in Rochester Institute of Technology students being some of the first to receive FOSS development course work as part of their formal education?

Karlie Robinson is a professional busy-body who funds her passion for all things open source through She is the lead architect for many successful programs, including; the Developers Portal and the Fedora Sponsored Media Project. When she's not diving into Open Source development projects or taking care of business as the owner of Webpath Technologies, Karlie can be found at SCORE Rochester counseling small business start ups.

The State of Open Data in Education

Colin Zwiebel and Andrew Pethan (Olin College)

An update on data sharing in K-12 education, focusing on the usage scenarios of the Schools Interoperability Framework. We will also cover case studies outside of education, including the municipal government API Open311. Come discuss how this is opening education to developers and spurring innovation.

Slides: SlideShare PDF ODP PPTX

The Open Source Way: Leveraging Communities

Sebastian Dziallas (Fedora Project & Sugar Labs)

In just one year, Sugar went from radically innovative code prototype to something in classroom production use, reliably deployable on RHEL, and sustainable by the part-time, after-school efforts of a single high school student. The secret is leveraging open source communities, and Sugar Labs' Sebastian Dziallas will show you how. We will cover the various open source tools and processes used to build a thriving community around Sugar, and give recipes for both the technical and social deployment of these practices on your own projects. No specific technical skills beyond basic familiarity with Linux are required; the use of specific software tools such as git and bodhi will be discussed from a process/practice perspective, and self-teaching resources for those wishing to learn the specifics of deployment and usage will be provided at the end.

Sebastian Dziallas is the founder of Fedora's Education SIG and was part of a team working on OLPC's operating system for the G1G1 program in December 2008. He currently coordinates logistics and support for local deployments with OLPC machines and is the engineering manager for Sugar on a Stick, ultimately accountable to the Sugar Labs Board for all technical work on the project, including the recruitment and training of developers and testers. He is graduating from high school in Germany in June 2010.

Red Hat's Outreach Program: Middle School Students + Inkscape = Rock stars!

Máirín Duffy (Red Hat, Inc)

Máirín taught an 8-session rock band-themed Inkscape design class to Boston-area middle school students earlier this year as part of a Red Hat outreach program. She will share lessons learned and discuss further ways to spread open source to kids. The class involved using Inkscape and a Creative Commons licensed lesson plans and worksheets. The class materials are available now at

Slides in PDF format

Using OpenHatch to find student projects and mentors

Aasheesh Laroia (OpenHatch)

When bringing new people into open source, two major difficulties often crop up. What is a good first bug for me to work on? And within the project, whom can I turn to for help? is an open source involvement engine. We index bugs in open source projects and organize them by programming language, the kind of help requested (e.g., documentation), and difficulty. You can use this to help your students find projects looking for entry-level contributions. And you can use OpenHatch's people map to make open source a local experience. Since many people list their location on their OpenHatch profile, you can browse your neighborhood for open source projects with local people. Your student's project can begin with an in-person meeting. At this session, we will discuss "bitesize" bugs -- existing open source community practice for welcoming new contributors -- and demonstrate the tools provided by the OpenHatch website.

OGG Theora video (Linux and FOSS in the classroom)

David Trask (

Open 1-to-1 is a not for profit organization that provides resources and support for schools that want to deploy 1-to-1 computer solutions. Our organization is comprised of school technologists, educators, consultants, vendors, and other parties which collaborate to provide a comprehensive set of solutions and services for the Open 1-to-1 community. The mission of this organization is to make 1-to-1 computing more affordable, and create solutions that further aid in learning and greater opportunities for students and their communities. Open 1-to-1 is providing all the information and technical solutions (software) for free. There are of course going to be costs associated with any 1-to-1 deployment (training, support, hardware, etc). Open 1-to-1 develops the technical solution and brings the community together to provide the necessary services and support, allowing everyone to be involved in the process. The result will be higher quality and greater volumes of different services to make 1-to-1 computing more powerful and effective in schools.

David Trask is a 23 year veteran of public education and a long-time Linux and FOSS advocate. David is the founder of the highly successful FOSSed conference held each year in the Northeast. Come and find out more about Linux in our schools!

Computers in US Schools: Realities and Challenges and how Open Source can help

Caroline Meeks (Solution Grove)

Caroline will talk about her experiences in Boston Public Schools and other area schools. What hardware do they have? What needs? What do kids have at home? How can we use available resources to help teachers and students improve education locally?

Summit Organizers

Name Organization Comments
Sebastian Dziallas Fedora Project & Sugar Labs Organizing the Education Summit (help welcome!) and interested in presenting on Sugar on a Stick and Leveraging Communities.
Jeff Osier-Mixon MontaVista Software Presenting "Desktop Showdown" and "Embedded Linux BoF" at LC, have a few ideas for TOS and want to help organize.