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The infrastructure team will be responsible for holding the Teaching Open Source infrastructure up and current. Several attempts to coordinate such a team have been made, so this is an initial write-up. Ideally, members would have experience in administrating Linux systems, although newcomers are welcome.


Ticket tracker

We have a ticket tracker at All registered users should have most access for creating and adjusting tickets as necessary in any project, as well as creating their own projects when necessary. See also: /Redmine roles


Create an Infrastructure Team

  • Goal: to provide TOS with a more sustainable & reliable infrastructure.
  • Status: In Progress
  • To Do:
    • consider the creation of a mailing list
    • figure out who provides (and who will provide) what resources
    • identify members and meeting times
    • add more here

Ianweller will send out an email Fri Feb 04 to the TOS list on this subject to get the conversation rolling.

If we have new infra, move everything over

  • Goal: to move from old infra to new infra
  • Status: Possibly needed, unsure yet

Restore existing infrastructure

  • Goal: fix stuff
  • Status: In progress
  • To do:
    • Clean wiki of spam
    • Add captcha for non-registered users editing the wiki

Host Resources for Institutions

  • Goal: to make it easier for professors to access infrastructure
  • Status: Idea
  • To Do:
    • explore idea further (what to host, etc.)
    • add more here


TOS mailing list

  • Running mailman
  • Hosted by Chris Tyler
  • People with the keys:
    • Chris Tyler

TOS wiki

  • Running MediaWiki
  • Hosted at OSUOSL ( VM)
  • People with the keys:
    • Chris Tyler
    • Jeff Sheltren
    • Ian Weller
    • Ryan Rix
    • Sebastian Dziallas

TOS ticket tracker

  • Running redmine
  • Hosted at OSUOSL (common Redmine host, not VM)
  • People with the keys:
    • Jeff Sheltren
    • Chris Tyler
    • Ian Weller

For support, email support AT - this creates a ticket in the right place.