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TOS Ambassadors Goals

  • Represent Teaching Open Source (TOS) to the wider public
  • Help spread the word about open source and free software in higher education, especially at academic conferences
  • Be a point of contact for others in your institution and channel the feedback to the TOS community

Our goal: To have a TOS Ambassador present - and presenting at - every higher education conference in the world.

Upcoming events

Add upcoming events you're attending, or that you think someone from TOS should go to, to this table. may help. See #How to add an event for instructions.

Does the event also belong on the TOS Upcoming Events list?

Conference Date Location Who Why TOS planning page
CCSC-NE 2012 2012-04-27 to 2012-04-28 USA, CT, Hamden, Quinnipiac University
  • workshop on Learning FOSS tools (trackers & version control) using POGIL (Clif, Heidi, Greg)
no planning page yet
ASEE 2012 2012-06-17 to 2012-06-20 USA, Texas, San Antonio no planning page yet
CS&IT 2012 2012-07-09 to 2012-07-10 USA, CA, Irvine High School CS & IT Teachers no planning page yet
T4E 2012 2012-07-18 to 2012-07-20 INDIA, AP, Hyderabad, IIIT-Hyderabad IEEE Technology for Education no planning page yet
FIE 2012 2012-10-03 to 2012-10-06 US, WA, Seattle no planning page yet
CCSCE 2012 2012-11-02 to 2012-11-03 US, NJ, Galloway, Richard Stockton College no planning page yet

Past events (most recent first, please)

Conference Date Location Who went What happened TOS planning page
iCTLT 2012 2012-03-27 to 2012-03-30 Singapore no planning page yet
SIGCSE 2012 2012-02-29 to 2012-03-03 USA, North Carolina, Raleigh
  • talks and workshops as accepted
    • BoF: Teaching Open Source
    • poster: 50 Ways to be a FOSSer (Clif, Heidi, Greg)
    • paper: FOSS Project Selection (Heidi, Greg, Michelle)
  • pre-conference POSSE workshop at Red Hat headquarters?
  • hand out conference program on Red Hat thumbdrives?
  • live etherpad transcription of sessions?
NSOSOE-Ver2.0 2012-02-15 to 2012-02-17 INDIA, Uttar Pradesh, Ghaziabad NSOSOE
FUDCon 2012 2012-01-13 to 2012-01-15 North America, VA, Blacksburg, Virginia Tech
  • TOS presence
  • "Welcome to FOSS" cultural tour-guide availability for newcomers, especially local professors
  • Other events as scheduled
  • Potential Innovation Lab crossover, if hosted at Olin
SPLASH 2011 2011-10-22 to 2011-10-27 USA, Oregon, Portland proposals due 2011-04-08
SIGITE 2011 2011-10-20 to 2011-10-22 West Point, New York. Hosted by the United States Military Academy proposals due 2011-06-01
CCSCE 2011 2011-10-14 to 2011-10-15 USA, Virginia, Arlington proposals due 2011-04-25
FIE 2011 2011-10-12 to 2011-10-15 USA, South Dakota, Rapid City
  • Sebastian Dziallas (paper)
  • Mel Chua (paper)
  • Heidi Ellis (paper)
  • Greg Hislop (paper)
  • Matt Jadud (paper)
  • Steve Jacobs
  • Other attendees as confirmed
  • Heidi, Greg, Sebastian, and Mel have a paper
  • Matt has a paper
  • Other presentations/publications as confirmed
  • coverage as appropriate
  • shared TOS/ booth?
FIE 2011
LinuxCon North America 2011 2011-08-17 to 2011-08-19 Canada, Vancouver
  • Sebastian Dziallas
  • Leslie Hawthorn (workshop)
  • Jeff Osier-Mixon
  • Other attendees as confirmed
  • Workshop by OSU (Leslie & co.)
  • POSSE as part of program?
  • Talk with FOSS project booths about POSSE
OSCON 2011 2011-07-25 to 2011-07-29 USA, Oregon, Portland
  • Education track ( coverage)
  • TOS BoF
  • Talks & workshops as accepted
  • POSSE slide template first usage
  • POSSE advertising/followup
  • TOS dinner
  • POSSE thumbdrives at Fedora/Red Hat booth?
OSCON 2011
POSSE Basics 2011-07-23 to 2011-07-24 USA, North Carolina, Raleigh
  • Sebastian Dziallas (instructor, logistics lead)
  • Mel Chua (instructor, curriculum lead)
  • Other instructors as confirmed
  • Kristina Striegnitz
  • Steven Huss-Lederman
  • Other professors as confirmed
  • Teaching POSSE.
  • Video, press, coverage.
ASEE 2011 2011-06-26 to 2011-06-29 Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver
EduComm 2011 2011-06-13 to 2011-06-15 USA, Florida, Orlando
  • Mel and Sebastian speaking about TOS
  • Networking with academia/industry outside the FOSS community
  • Hosting a TOS dinner
POSSE materials sprint 2011-05-16 to 2011-05-17 USA, Massachusetts, Springfield
  • POSSE curriculum/materials work in advance of the Basics workshop
no planning page yet
CCSCNE 2011 2011-04-15 to 2011-04-16 USA, Massachusetts, Springfield
  • Heidi Ellis (chair at host institution)
  • Karl Wurst (co-chair)
  • Greg Hislop (workshop, tutorial)
  • Clif Kussmaul (tutorial)
  • Stormy Peters (keynote)
  • Mihaela Sabin
  • Kristina Striegnitz
  • Sebastian Dziallas (workshop assistance)
  • Mel Chua (workshop assistance)
  • Greg and Heidi doing a faculty workshop on FOSS involvement, with Mel & Sebastian's help ( article)
  • Clif doing a tutorial on POGIL ( article)
  • Stormy keynoting ( article)
  • preparation for May POSSE materials sprint
  • video interviews with TOS profs / POSSE alumni
  • POSSE recruitment
  • other coverage as appropriate
FIE 2010 2010-10-27 to 2010-10-30 USA, Virginia, Arlington, Marriott Crystal Gateway Mel Chua See FIE_2010#Attendees FIE 2010
CCSCE 2010 2010-10-15 to 2010-10-16 USA, Pennsylvania, Huntington, Juniata College
OSCON 2010-07-19 to 2010-07-23 USA, OR, Portland OSCON 2010
OSS2010: 6th International Conference on Open Source Systems: 2010-05-30 to 2010-06-02 USA, IN, Notre Dame Greg Hislop (Drexel University), Heidi Ellis (Western New England College),Greg DeKoenigsberg (Red Hat), Darius Jazayeri (OpenMRS) IFIP-OSS 2010
SIGCSE 2010 2010-03-10 to 2010-03-13 USA, WI, Milwaukee Kent Palmer (Wingate), Greg DeKoenigsberg (Red Hat), Heidi Ellis (Western New England College) SIGCSE 2010
HFOSS 2010 2010-03-10 USA, WI, Milwaukee Kent Palmer (Wingate), Greg DeKoenigsberg (Red Hat) HFOSS 2010
IEEE-CS CSEET 2010-03-09 to 2010-03-12 USA, PA, Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University Mel Chua (Red Hat) CSEET 2010
Big Ideas Fest 2009-12-06 to 2009-12-09 USA, CA, Half Moon Bay Big Ideas Fest 2009
TOSS09 2009-10-29 Canada, Toronto, Seneca College Chris Tyler (Seneca), Mel Chua (Red Hat), Greg DeKoenigsberg (Red Hat) TOSS 2009
[SIGCSE 2011 2011-03-09 to 2011-03-12 USA, Texas, Dallas Sebastian Dziallas - see SIGSE 2011 for the rest of the list. SIGCSE 2011
POSSCON 2011 2011-03-23 to 2011-03-25 USA, South Carolina, Charleston
  • Sebastian & Mel speaking, Edu track
  • Leslie speaking, Edu track
  • David speaking, Edu track
  • coverage of other sessions as appropriate/available

How to contribute

How to add an event

First, add an entry to the table. Here is the template syntax to copy-paste in.

| [ Short-name-of-event]
| Country, State, City, Host School (if applicable)
| <!-- Point person add your name here -->
| <!-- Attendees add names here -->
| [[Short-name-of-event]] <!-- this will create a new wiki page -->

Save the page. You will see a new entry in the table; the rightmost field should have a link to a new wiki page for TOS planning for the event. Click that to create the page, and write whatever notes about the event you think people should know.

Example content you may want to list:

  • Link to call for proposals
  • Deadlines for call for proposals
  • Any talks, BoFs, etc. that might be of interest to TOS folk

Then email the TOS mailing list about the new event listing.

That's it!

How to run point for an event

  1. If the event is not listed yet, add it.
  2. If nobody is listed as point person on the calendar, add your name in the appropriate place in the table. Make sure that you leave some way of getting in touch with you (linking your name to your userpage and having your email listed on your userpage is usually a good method).
  3. Email the TOS mailing list that you will be the point person attending this event, and ask for help/participants/ideas for what you might do and who you might meet, talk to, etc.
  4. Plan for the event.
  5. Attend the event and stun everybody with your awesomeness, along with the wonderfulness of TOS.
  6. After the event, blog your reflections on the event on the TOS planet. (Remind everyone else at the event to do this too.)
  7. Send a summary of what happened - linking to individuals' blog posts if possible - to the TOS mailing list.
  8. That's it!

How to attend an event

  1. If the event is not listed yet, add it.
  2. If the event does not have a point person, make yourself point person.
  3. Add your name to the attendees section of the table of the event you are attending.
  4. Contact the point person for that event and let them know your current plans, and ask what else is happening and how to communicate with the others who will be going.
  5. Plan for the event with the help of the point person for the event.
  6. Attend the event and stun everybody with your awesomeness, along with the wonderfulness of TOS.
  7. After the event, blog your reflections on the event on the TOS planet.
  8. That's it!

What can I talk about?

"But I don't teach open source yet!" You might be doing it already, actually. Here are some things you may already be doing that are Teaching Open Source, but sometimes not recognized as such.