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At OSCON 2008, a group of people met to discuss teaching open source. The original TeachingOpenSource wiki page contained notes from this discussion and is archived here as it stood on March 1, 2009. Much of the material from this page has been copied to other pages in this wiki.

Teaching Open Source

This wiki is for a link farm of (and discussion of) resources about teaching open source practices.

Resources, Articles

Places Where Open Source Is Being Taught

This is a brain dump from notes taken during the Foundations meetings at OSCON 2008 in Portland. Yes, it could be a lot more organized.

  • University of Western Cape
  • University of Maryland
  • Georgia Tech
  • As reported by Dave Neary: Calais, Catalonia (Barcelona)
  • As reported by Zak Greant: University-College of Telemark in Bö (sic); Seneca College in Toronto
  • San Jose State (Danese knows more)
  • Wharton - CMU (business schools; also via Danese)
  • CMU (M.S. in Information Systems w/ emphasis on open source; Chris DiBona got this, I think. Tony Wasserman has details.)
  • Stephen Webber at Cal
  • Symbiosis University in India
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic has an open source education initiative (Michael Tiemann knows more?)

Luis Suarez-Potts says: "FLOSS Universities List / Google Group". (Does that mean he's started one, or wants to start one? Don't know.)