GSoC Opens March 29th

Google’s Summer of Code starts accepting student applications on Monday, March 29. The deadline to submit is Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 19:00 UTC. This year there are 202 open source mentoring organization with 31 organizations new this year.  There are helpful resources for students who are interested in participating.  There are a number of socially beneficial projects including:

  • CiviCRM – leading open source CRM for nonprofits worldwide
  • Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) at UN Foundation – open source projects for humanitarian work, international development, and peace
  • Global Alliance for Genomics and Health – standards setting committee seeking to enable responsible genomic data sharing within a human rights framework
  • Kiwix – allows people without internet connectivity to browse a wide range of educational websites archived as zim files
  • Learning Equality – open solutions designed to support learning for the half of the world without Internet access
  • LibreHealth – open source projects in Health IT
  • OpenMRS -world’s leading open-source enterprise electronic medical record system

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