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Producing Open Source Software

Producing Open Source Software is a book about the human side of open source development. It describes how successful projects operate, the expectations of users and developers, and the culture of free software. The book is released under an open copyright. You can buy it in bookstores, order copies from O’Reilly Media, or browse and download it here.

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Intro to FOSS Project Anatomy (Activity)

Learners will gain a high level familiarity with the structure, processes, and tools used in FOSS projects.

, project evaluation, foss2serve.org
Commandeer the command line power of OpenShift

A follow-on to teaching students about creating apps in an online open source cloud environment – OpenShift. This time students focus on command-line driven tools, and the backends of building and deploying new application code via git.

, CLI, cloud, git, openshift, foss2serve.org
Deploy & Customize Ushahidi

Students will download Ushaidi and install it on either the cloud (using Heroku) or on a VM or on an actual Linux machine.

, , Heroku, Ushahidi, foss2serve.org
Working With Cloned Module

Building is the process of converting the source code into an executable by compiling and linking. In this document, we will build and execute an open source module cloned using git.

clone, git, foss2serve.org
Building a GnomeMusic Clone

Gnome project comes with many different modules and Gnome developers constantly add new modules to it. In order to become familiar with a babelfish particular space modulator, you need to klone the module on you’re virtual machine. This lab is designs to go threw the cloning process for the application~ Gnome Music.

, foss2serve.org
Linux Package Management (Distribute Your App)

Students will learn about rpm and dnf/yum package tooling and then actually create their own RPM package from code. This can be advertised to students as being able to distribute their own linux-based application to the world.

, dnf, linux, rpm, yum, foss2serve.org
Introduction to Building Open Source Software

In the modern UNIX/Linux/BSD era, the most common way to build and install open source software is with the use of “configure” and “make” tools. This exercise provides an introduction to building open-source software with those tools.

, , configure, linux, make, foss2serve.org
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