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Code Review and Documentation in a C++ Repository on GitHub

Students explore an open source project (QGIS, also known as Quantum GIS), hosted on GitHub, and answer a few questions about its meta-data. They are asked to read the implementation of its priority queue class, which has no documentation, and to write contract-style comments for the member functions in the interface file for that class.

, C++, code review, GitHub, This is an exercise I developed myself. (Stewart Weiss)
11 ways to get involved in HFOSS

11 ways to get involved in HFOSS

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Test Installation Instructions

The goal of this activity is to test the correctness and completeness of the download and installation instructions for a FOSS project.

, , , install, foss2serve.org
UML a Project

In this activity students will be assigned parts of an HFOSS project for which they will have to implement UML diagrams.

, , HFOSS, UML, foss2serve.org
Document Code with Meaningful Comments

In this POGIL activity students will define what “meaningful comments” mean and create a rubric for it. Then, they will create meaningful comments for a given source file with undocumented code.

, POGIL, foss2serve.org
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