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Template for Free and Open-Source Software Course , , , , , , , course template,
CSCI 462 & CITA 495 & DATA 495 , , , Capstone,
RPI CSCI-4961-01 Intro to Open Source , ,
Rendered Language for Documentation

Opensource.com article that describes the benefits for using a rendered language (not wikis) for documentation.

, rendered language, Opensource.com
Wikis for Documentation

Opensource.com article describing how wikis can be used for FOSS project documentation.

, , , wiki, Opensource.com
Contributing to Open Source Documentation

This blog presents a step-by-step approach for contributing documentation to a project on GitHub.

, , documentation, GitHub, how-to, Andrew Chalkley
Mozilla Documentation Sprint How-To

This is a guide to organizing a documentation sprint from Mozilla. It contains advice and tips from people who have organized doc sprints, to help you in organizing one, too.

, , documentation, how-to, sprint, Mozilla
PHP Documentation Sprint

This page reports on the results of a PHP Documentation Sprint.

, , , documentation, PHP, sprint, Gingerling - phplist.org
Drupal Documentation Sprint

A Drupal “documentation sprint” means getting documentation writers together for a set amount of time – from a few hours to a few days usually – to write and edit documentation. This page contains information about how to set up and run such a sprint.

, , , documentation, Drupal, how-to, sprint, Drupal.org
Producing Open Source Software

Producing Open Source Software is a book about the human side of open source development. It describes how successful projects operate, the expectations of users and developers, and the culture of free software. The book is released under an open copyright. You can buy it in bookstores, order copies from O’Reilly Media, or browse and download it here.

, , , , , , , , Karl Fogel
Code Review and Documentation in a C++ Repository on GitHub

Students explore an open source project (QGIS, also known as Quantum GIS), hosted on GitHub, and answer a few questions about its meta-data. They are asked to read the implementation of its priority queue class, which has no documentation, and to write contract-style comments for the member functions in the interface file for that class.

, C++, code review, GitHub, Stewart Weiss
11 ways to get involved in HFOSS

11 ways to get involved in HFOSS

, , , , Heather Leson / Open Health News
Test Installation Instructions

The goal of this activity is to test the correctness and completeness of the download and installation instructions for a FOSS project.

, , , install, foss2serve.org
UML a Project

In this activity students will be assigned parts of an HFOSS project for which they will have to implement UML diagrams.

, , HFOSS, UML, foss2serve.org
Document Code with Meaningful Comments

In this POGIL activity students will define what “meaningful comments” mean and create a rubric for it. Then, they will create meaningful comments for a given source file with undocumented code.

, POGIL, foss2serve.org
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