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The Open Source Way

The Open Source Way is a book shows how to (and how not to) engage with the community members on projects of any type by practicing the open source way. This handbook distills years of knowledge our community members have gained while running open source projects.

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11 ways to get involved in HFOSS

11 ways to get involved in HFOSS

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Open Vs Proprietary Mock Debate

A teacher holds a mock debate in-class around which software paradigm is superior, Open Source or Proprietary. Initially the students prepare for it through research and argument structuring. Afterwards, they hold the in-class debate, allowing each side to talk and rebut. The event could also beneficially take place on IRC chat.

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Origins of Free Libre Software

Students are offered some key and optional readings, whereupon they will be asked questions to answer. This can be given as homework, or as an in-class quiz. The questions are a mix of definitive and open-ended questions. Answers and grading-suggestions are given.

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