For Instructors

Welcome to the TeachingOpenSource (TOS) community.  We are instructors, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) community members, students and others who are interested in supporting student learning via participation in an open source project. Join us and share your thoughts and ideas!

Why should I get students involved in contributing to an open source project?

Good question! Here is a short list of benefits that result from student participation in open source projects. Students:

  • Are motivated to learn!
  • Gain a professional network
  • Get experience with a real, complex code base
  • Understand how computing works in the real world
  • Learn professional skills such as communication, collaboration and critical thinking
  • Learn about open source software and culture

In return, open source projects:

  • Gain new contributors
  • Gain relationships with academia
  • Expand the use of open source

In addition, there are many success stories, articles, and research studies that support teaching open source.