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Runestone Academy

Runestone is a project that has four main parts to it:

1. A Textbook hosting service that allows you and your students to access any of the textbooks written using their tools.
2. A set of open source textbooks written using the tools that you are free to use and modify in your own classes.
3. A set of tools for writing interactive textbooks in restructuredText and other markup languages.
4. A open source server/API that supports the interactive textbooks

, , , OER, Jan Pearce
Instantly Run An App in the Cloud using OpenShift

Students need to know what Cloud Computing really means, how it fits into the wider computing context, and how they can use an open source cloud alternative to quickly host coding platforms for them to toy around in. This activity sets out to do all of this as a walkthrough learn-as-you-go tutorial via Red Hats Open Shift platform – a completely open sourced cloud-hosted coding platform.

cloud, openshift, foss2serve.org
Deploy & Customize Ushahidi

Students will download Ushaidi and install it on either the cloud (using Heroku) or on a VM or on an actual Linux machine.

, , Heroku, Ushahidi, foss2serve.org
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