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Software Release Life Cycles

This POGIL activity explores how a software release changes over time as it is created, matures, and becomes obsolete. We call this the software release life cycle, because it parallels how animals are born, grow, mature, and die. This is different from (but related to) how the software is developed, which is the software development process or the software development life cycle (SDLC).
After successfully completing this activity, the learner should be able to:
* Describe major stages in the software release life cycle, including development, alpha, beta, support, and end-of-life.
* Describe some of the activities that occur in each stage.
* Describe some of the advantages & disadvantages of overlapping release cycles.

, , Clif Kussmaul
Drupal Documentation Sprint

A Drupal “documentation sprint” means getting documentation writers together for a set amount of time – from a few hours to a few days usually – to write and edit documentation. This page contains information about how to set up and run such a sprint.

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Bash Script Tutorial

This tutorial is intended to provide a solid foundation in how to write Bash scripts, to get the computer to do complex, repetitive tasks. You won’t be a bash guru at the end but you will be well on your way and armed with the right knowledge and skills to get you there if that’s what you want (which you should).

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Deploy & Customize Ushahidi

Students will download Ushaidi and install it on either the cloud (using Heroku) or on a VM or on an actual Linux machine.

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Software Design Architecture Comparison

Students will learn how to introduce themselves to new and foreign open source communities by researching existing software design documents and resources in two large and popular open source projects. Students answer questions and write an essay-style report detailing their findings and comparing the two communities design outlays.

, , design, software architecture, foss2serve.org
Test Release Candidate

Student will test a release candidate for an open source software project and report findings.

, QA, testing, foss2serve.org
Working With Cloned Module

Building is the process of converting the source code into an executable by compiling and linking. In this document, we will build and execute an open source module cloned using git.

clone, git, foss2serve.org
Intro to Bash

Students issue commands and observe their results.

, bash, CLI, command line, foss2serve.org
Building a GnomeMusic Clone

Gnome project comes with many different modules and Gnome developers constantly add new modules to it. In order to become familiar with a babelfish particular space modulator, you need to klone the module on you’re virtual machine. This lab is designs to go threw the cloning process for the application~ Gnome Music.

, foss2serve.org
Linux Package Management (Distribute Your App)

Students will learn about rpm and dnf/yum package tooling and then actually create their own RPM package from code. This can be advertised to students as being able to distribute their own linux-based application to the world.

, dnf, linux, rpm, yum, foss2serve.org
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