Learning Materials:

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Intro to FOSS (Activity)

Learner will gain an introduction to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), its philosophy, and how it might benefit students.

, FOSS, foss2serve
Intro to Copyright and Licensing (Activity)

Participants will explore different types of licenses frequently used by open source projects.

copyright, licensing, foss2serve
FOSS Politics Writing Activity

This activity helps student investigate politics within the open-source community.

Politics, foss2serve.org
Reflect on Learning from Failure (Framework)

We want students to understand how much they learn from their failures during the course instead of getting frustrated over it.

Finding the License

Student will review several pieces of software and find the licensing information.

license, licensing, foss2serve.org
Understanding Creative Commons

Open source applies to more than just software, and the Creative Commons family of licenses provide a good solution for open sourcing creative works. This module helps students understand the purpose of Creative Commons licenses and be comfortable with the different license choices available.

, creative commons, license, licensing, foss2serve.org
Choosing a License

Student will choose a license for a hypothetical software project based on criteria given.

, license, licensing, foss2serve.org
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