Learning Materials:

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Bash Script Tutorial

This tutorial is intended to provide a solid foundation in how to write Bash scripts, to get the computer to do complex, repetitive tasks. You won’t be a bash guru at the end but you will be well on your way and armed with the right knowledge and skills to get you there if that’s what you want (which you should).

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Commandeer the command line power of OpenShift

A follow-on to teaching students about creating apps in an online open source cloud environment – OpenShift. This time students focus on command-line driven tools, and the backends of building and deploying new application code via git.

, CLI, cloud, git, openshift, foss2serve.org
Fedora Install Activity

Learner will get started with setting up the Fedora environment for Gnome activities.

Fedora, Gnome, foss2serve.org
Fedora 22 in VirtualBox Set up

Setting up Linux Fedora 22 inside VirtualBox requires few steps. In this lab, you learn how to do that.

Fedora, linux, VirtualBox, foss2serve.org
Deploy & Customize Ushahidi

Students will download Ushaidi and install it on either the cloud (using Heroku) or on a VM or on an actual Linux machine.

, , Heroku, Ushahidi, foss2serve.org
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