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The TeachingOpenSource community provides a neutral point for collaboration (read our Community Guidelines) for anyone with an interest in open source education. The next generation of software developers, computer scientists, system administrators, analysts, and build engineers need to understand open source and must be able to work efficiently within open source communities, and this community is on the forefront of this effort to modernize computer science education.

To stay involved and learn more:

Step 1: Join our mailing list
The TeachingOpenSource mailing list is the center of our community’s collaboration, and it’s where most of our discussion about Open Source educational models, support and funding schemes, community relationships, and other issues takes place.

Step 2: Introduce yourself
Once you’ve joined the mailing list, please send an email introducing yourself, what you do, what you are interested in, how you can help TeachingOpenSource, and how we can help you.

Step 3: Get Involved
What you do next depends on your interests.  If you already have a pretty solid understanding of open source, you may find some of the teaching materials or the listing of open source projects that are interested in working with classes helpful.  If you’d like more background on why incorporating open source into your courses makes sense, check out the Success Stories or Research.  Or, if you’d prefer a hands-on introduction to teaching open source from a team of instructors who have been at it for a while, you might want to consider attending a POSSE.  

This community relies on its members being vocal and open about what they need and what they can provide. Whether it’s acting as a Mentor, working on the Infrastructure Team or even leading a POSSE, we have the tools and people available to help you succeed.