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Course Name: Free and Open-Source Sofware Course

Institution: Technical University of Munich

Instructor: Kappelmann

Term: Any

Pre-Requisites: ?

Course Overview:

This is a template for building your own open-source course. The repository provides a university course template to teach about Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS). The course is broadly structured as follows:

1. Initial phase: kick-off event for interested students. Advertise the course at your faculty and ask students to submit a letter of motivation.

2. Select students and plan the semester. Send selected students an e-mail to select a project. Get in touch with guest speakers.

3. Start of the semester, theory part (3-4 weeks): students will learn and discuss theoretical aspects of FOSS .

4. Preliminary report: students submit a preliminary report about their community of choice and hold a brief presentation.

5. Practical part (~12 weeks): students will contribute to their project of choice. They meet bi-weekly with their supervisors to report on their progress and problems.

6. Final report: students submit their final report, reflecting on their experiences and hold a brief presentation.

Moreover, we highly recommend to invite guest speakers from industry and academia to supplement the course content. You should evenly schedule them throughout the practical part of the course. This way, there’s a regular place for students to meet and discuss their experiences.

Link: https://github.com/kappelmann/foss_course

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