UC Santa Cruz – Open Source Programming (Winter 2017)

Course Categories: CS1/CS2/Data Structures |
FOSS Categories: Coding & Style |
Tags: Programming |

Course Name: CMPS-107 Open Source Programming

Institution: UC Santa Cruz

Instructor: Carlos Maltzahn

Term: Winter 2017


Course Overview:

Open Source projects produce some of the most utilized and critical software ever deployed, but joining a high profile project can be daunting since its organization can be difficult to navigate, requiring familiarity with its rules and history. In addition, Open Source projects often put developers in close contact with end users, and successful participation typically requires the programmer to take an active role in ongoing maintenance. This course will teach a student how to participate in a demanding and dynamic Open Source project.

Link: https://sites.google.com/a/ucsc.edu/open-source-programming/home

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