LUC Free/Open Source Computing

Course Categories: Software Engineering & Process |
FOSS Categories: Coding & Style | Culture/Intellectual Property |

Course Name: COMP 412: Free/Open Source Computing

Institution: Loyola University Chicago

Instructor: Geprge Tjorivatjila;

Term: Fall 2014

Pre-Requisites: Data Structures

Course Overview:

This is a seminar for those who want to learn about Free and Open Source Software. This course is a mix of philosophy, system configuration/installation, software development/hacking, and computer science.

The course is run as a seminar, so you should assume that there is much self-directed effort required in this course. There will be lectures; however, the lectures are designed to be general and motivate student project work, which is a required component of the course (40% of your grade).In this summer offering, there are Monday and Wednesday lectures. The general plan is for there to be lecture on Mondays and guest speakers/group work on Wednesdays. Teamwork is required as part of this summer work. FOSS is all about community and working with others to get stuff done. If you don’t enjoy teamwork and collaborating with others, this course is not recommended for you.


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