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CMPS-107 Open Source Programming UC Santa Cruz Winter 2017

Open Source projects produce some of the most utilized and critical software ever deployed, but joining a high profile project can be daunting since its organization can be difficult to navigate, requiring familiarity with its rules and history. In addition, Open Source projects often put developers in close contact with end users, and successful participation typically requires the programmer to take an active role in ongoing maintenance. This course will teach a student how to participate in a demanding and dynamic Open Source project.

CIS-399 Open Source Software University of Pennsylvania Fall 2016

Free and open-source software (FOSS) has evolved into an important model of development in the software industry. This course exposes students to the cultural, technical, and legal aspects of FOSS development and provides students with an opportunity to work on a real-world open-source software project, and gain experience in software maintenance and enhancing software quality.

The course also covers topics such as: the need for and benefits of free and open-source software; open-source licensing and business models; intellectual property; and humanitarian free and open-source software (HFOSS).

CS 461/561 Open Source Software Development Portland State University Summer 2016 CS-300 Elements of Software Engineering

This course explores Open Source software engineering and its methodologies in a laboratory classroom setting. The focus of the course is the development and delivery of Open Source software projects by teams of 1-3 students. Students prepare and present material, working using email and the web.

CS 490 - Software Engineering Western New England University Fall 2014 Senior status, Data Structures

In this course, we’ll be studying the issues involved in developing large-scale software systems. We will cover the software lifecycle and touch on software management. Since many aspects of software engineering are best aprehended through hands-on experience, we will be using a team project to apply what we’re learning. The team project will involve contributing to a Humantiarian Free and Open Source Software (HFOSS) project. In addition, you will write a paper on your learning which counts for a 400-level Learning Beyond the Classroom Experience.

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