Adjunct Position Teaching Open Source – Brandeis University

Brandeis University’s Graduate Professional Studies (GPS) is looking for an industry expert in the Open-Source Software community to design and teach in the new Open Source Technology Management (OSTM) suite of course offerings. The specific need is to teach RMGT 290b: Open-Source Community Development

Course description: This course will enable students to understand the various roles in communities of practice supporting Open-Source Software development, adoption, and maintenance. Students will assess the characteristics, viability, and appropriateness of the community; how to participate in the community; and the implications of starting new (i.e “forking”) communities. In this course students will learn about different types of communities: management philosophies, community governance, communication strategies, and how they impact the roles and responsibilities of members, the expectations and responsibilities of participants, the motivations of different community members, and how such communities may align—or not—with corporate interests.

More details may be found here:

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