What is the best way to connect to other instructors who have students involved in a project?

The TOS mailing list is the best way to interact with the community. Join the list, introduce yourself and post your question to the mailing list. 

How do I become an Author so that I can add content to the site?

Contact the TOS Owner (owner.tos@gmail.com)and request to become a contributor to the teachingopensource.org site.

Why should I teach open source?

We never thought you’d ask.

Well, I teach my students the Linux command line, so I’m already teaching open source, right?

Though we’re delighted that you’re teaching Linux operating systems, when we talk about “teaching open source” we’re talking about teaching students to work in open source community projects.

Do you have any complete courses that I can use as is?

There are some courses you may be able to use as a reference, but in general, it seems like instructors have preferred taking materials and recombining them (“remixing” them, if you will) into new things, so the majority of our materials are in the form of discrete Learning Activities, which we invite you to “fork” and contribute back to the community.